Faculty of Culture, Language, and History

The Faculty of Culture, Language, and History is divided into four departments:

The English Department specializes in English arts and literature. It maintains a cutting edge focus

to be competitive, productive, dynamic, self sustained, and nationally and internationally recognized. It

is currently the most popular department in the Faculty. The curriculum is regularly updated

to keep up with national standards.

The Indonesian Department trains students to implement, discover, and develop Indonesian

literature and arts. Literature and linguistics cover the main research interests of the department.

The German Department educates students to be able to implement, discover, and develop a

deeper understanding of German literature, arts, history and culture. The department also carries out

research and studies for the benefit of the wider community.

The History Department is recognized as one of the nation’s outstanding institutions in Eastern

Indonesia through its quality of teaching and research in all aspects of the cultural history of the region.

The Faculty offers excellent learning facilities including modern lecture hall- cum -theater, language
laboratory and computer studios. The faculty has established collaborations with international
institutions such as AMINEF, Goethe Institute, DAAD, JICA, and Japan Foundation.