Faculty of Math and Natural Sciences

Faculty Departments 

The Chemistry Study Program has 4 doctors out of its 17 lecturers. Their research interests include the development of natural chemical substances, biotechnology, environmental chemistry, and pharmacy. 

The Biology Study Program has 6 doctors out of its 28 lecturers. Their research interests are in the fields of bio-conservation and biotechnology. 

• The Mathematics Study Program has 3 doctors out of its 17 lecturers. Their research interests are in the fields of mathematics, statistics and computer science. 

• The Physics Study Program has 16 lecturers two of whom are completing their doctoral studies. Their research interests are in the fields of basic physics, renewable energy and physics materials, instrumentation, geophysics, and physical computation. 

• The Pharmacy Study is newly established. Although new , it has already attracted a large number of students. Currently it has 8 full time lecturers and a number of part-time lecturers. 

Research projects focus on natural resource conservation, natural products, biotechnology, natural power resources, mathematics, computers and informatics.